Monday, June 20, 2011

Days 9-13 - 06.15-19.11

I have been out of touch the last few days with the move, so I'm playing catch-up. Here are five days' worth of gratitudes, all crammed into one post. I promise to be back on track tomorrow!

1. I'm done. The move is over. (Except that I will have to go back to get the wind chimes that didn't make it on the truck.)

2. All four of our pets made it safely here and are adjusting.

3. It took a few tries, but I finally got the internet up and running in time to go back to work as scheduled. The land line isn't working, but it's nowhere near as critical as the internet service.

4. I have assignments for my last semester of nursing school that can be completed before school starts in August. This is a huge relief, and will take off so much pressure and stress later on.

5. After much poking and prodding, I am going to finally start building my portfolio as a photographer. Leave a comment and I'll pass along info about a great deal!

6. We received such a warm welcome in Chattanooga! It's been so nice to feel wanted and appreciated. Our friends at Harvest were truly excited to have us in town.

7. I found the local Wal-Mart(s)! They are are enormous!!!

8. I am ten minutes from school, fifteen minutes from the hospitals, and twenty minutes from Harvest. That is so nice.

9. The kitchen sink at the new house has great water pressure - enough to sufficiently power the spray nozzle. Now I can wash my hair in the sink when I need to!

10. Thankful for Scott, Charlie, Kevin, Tony & Ann, and Mom & Dad for helping us with the move. We'd never have made it without their hard work!

11. My car cooperated for most of the moving transit. I think it only refused to start once.

12. The boys have their "man cave" and they think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread. I'm not sure I understand the appeal of hanging out in an unfinished basement, but Jeff & Braeden seem to love it, so I'm happy.

13. Although I know it will difficult to find a place for all my stuff, God seems to have answered my prayer for contentment with the situation. I really am at peace with it, despite my initial misgivings.

14. I have fruit and vegetables in the house. For weeks I've been eating out of the pantry or grabbing fast food. My body was screaming for fruits & veggies, and I finally have some!

15. My piano made it here in one piece, and there is even room for it after all.

16. My old desk won't fit, and we haven't the money yet to order the one we want - but I have a nice spot to work at the table by the window. I like it.

17. I like the wall colors in this house. The living room is chocolate brown, the dining room is a lovely red, the bedroom is a grayish-plum, and the kitchen is a light tan. Soooo much more interesting than walls that are all the same color.

18. We had a really nice Father's Day. We ate CiCi's for lunch, caught a matinee of Green Lantern, and then went to Harvest for church. It was such a wonderfully pleasant Sunday.

19. Braeden has such a sweet Daddy. I'm so grateful to have married a man who loves his son as much as Jeff does.

20. Chattanooga already feels like home, even though we've only been here three days. I didn't really expect this to be the case, but it just feels right to me. We might actually put down roots and stay here in Chattanooga.

21. I had feared that my asthma would become a problem again, since this is a much older house than I've lived in for a while and I tend to have problems in older homes. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be flaring up again.

22. I am so grateful for my dad - he is such a godly man, and he has always been there for me. He is generous to a fault and I am so thankful for his example.

23. Between the black-out shades and the black-out curtains in our room, it is almost pitch-black in there in the middle of the day. This means Jeff can sleep well during the day, and the lights from the cars won't bother me at night.

24. My bed seems to be doing just fine on the bed risers. As heavy as it is, I was afraid it might not do well on the plastic boxes, but so far it's holding. Soon I'll start figuring out how to get my scrapbook stuff underneath it.

25. I found my Bible! I was feeling so lost without it, and I could not remember where I'd packed it! This morning I found it in my backpack, where I'd put my laptop. I'm so glad to have it back - never thought I'd miss it so much!

That's all, folks! Tomorrow will be back to the regularly scheduled gratitudes. :)

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