Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 18 - 06.24.11

Think I can keep this up for a month????

1. B wanted ice cream, so I got him Moose Tracks, and then found Starbucks Java Chip on sale! Woot!

2. I got a lot of unpacking done. I can actually see the living room now.

3. B had a new chapter book that he loved. He kept coming in the room and reading excerpts he found to be particularly funny. I loved hearing him read and hearing him giggle like that!

4. The phone is out (again) but my internet is working well and consistently.

5. I enjoyed such good meals yesterday - a salad with strawberry, blue cheese, bacon, and hot viniagrette; the aforementioned Java Chip ice cream; and a baked potato with bacon, blue cheese, and sour cream (can you tell what I'm craving lately? lol). I'm so thankful that God provides such a variety of food not only to nourish us but also for us to enjoy!

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