Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 8 - 06.14.11

Wow. I am really tired! This week has been some kinda crazy!

1. Jeff got put on call - not great, but he had signed up for overtime this week, so he'll at least get his regular pay.

2. Because Jeff was on call, he was able to come back to Marion County to grab a load of stuff to take back to the new house, which was hugely helpful to me.

3. Braeden's room is completely packed. There's only about one box left of stuff in the kitchen, and my office is almost done, too.

4. I found some medicine for Dexter's (my golden retriever) hot spots. I am starting to think that the flea treatment actually made matters worse. Poor guy is constantly itching, but he seemed to love the balm I put on his skin.

5. It's been fun to "discover" things I'd forgotten I had - like letters from Nanny, pictures Braeden had drawn, and other assorted fun knickknacks and such.

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