Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 15 - 06.21.11

So today is a struggle... it's been a rotten day. Maybe this will be a good exercise, eh?

1. Jeff actually got to work. He's been on call the last three scheduled nights - not so good.

2. The phone & internet may have been down all night, but at least the power didn't go out with the storm.

3. I got a lot of unpacking done. We piled all the boxes in the living room, and I think there might actually be a place for a couch in there after all - which, by the way, I hope to pick up this weekend.

4. I found the last bit of missing kitchen items - the ever-crucial cutting boards and pots & pans. I needed those pretty badly!

5. Braeden was really cute last night, saying "yes ma'am" and "please may I" and other such sweet things. Love that kid.

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