Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 4 - 06.10.11

I have to admit, today is a bit of a struggle for me. I'm tired and grumpy and feeling really overwhelmed and decidedly ungrateful... so don't laugh it if seems like I'm stretching here, okay?

1. I am thankful that my cats adore my dog. In fact, he is the first "person" they come to when they walk in the door. Dexter never complains about the attention, either - he just sniffs them and occasionally returns a head-butt. It's cute on a ridiculous level, and never fails to make me smile in a gooey, mushed-out sort of way.

2. I will have two refrigerators in our new rent house, plus room for a freezer. It will be so nice when school starts again to be able to cook twice a month and store all the food in the freezers. I can't tell you how long I've wished I had room for a chest freezer, and while there isn't room for much of anything else, I can definitely put that freezer in the basement!

3. We'll have a fenced-in back yard, so Dex can run loose for a change. After our current crazy neighbor killed at least one (and probably two) of our dogs, I've been scared to death to ever let poor Dex off his leash. Now he'll be able to get some exercise.

4. No TV. I realize how strange that sounds... we currently have an older big-screen TV that simply won't fit in the living room, so Jeff is going to put it in his "man-cave" in the basement. Eventually we'll buy a flat-screen to go over the fireplace, but that's going to be a few months out. This means I won't have to listen to the TV for at least a little while. It really grates on my nerves; I prefer peace and quiet, or at most, Christian talk radio. Years ago I got used to not having cable or satellite, and I still prefer it that way.

5. I get my thyroid medicine refilled tomorrow, which hopefully will make me a little less tired and a lot less grumpy.

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