Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 21 - 06.27.11

1. Fresh pineapple!!!

2. I can actually see the living room. Except for a pile of boxes that are too big for me to carry downstairs by myself, it's pretty much furniture-ready.

3. The problems with the phone line are driving me crazy. Since the 15th, I've had exactly one and a half days that the phone line actually worked. (For some bizarre reason, the internet is cooperating.) In my eleven-millionth call to customer service, they told me that I wouldn't have to pay for all the time the line was down. That was a good thing. Also, the CS reps were more helpful cooperative than usual.

4. In reference to #3 - I am really thankful I have a cell phone!

5. I am so thankful that my husband works so hard for our family. His job can be a stress and a strain, but I am so glad that he finally found something he truly loves to do.

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