Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 6 - 06.12.11

What a day!

1. Thankful for the sweetness of a little boy who was terribly generous to my little boy.

2. Thankful that God answered our need for a couch. We'd about decided to get a cheap futon at Wal-Mart, because we couldn't find anything quite in our price range that we liked enough to actually purchase. As it turned out, we now have a sofa and loveseat that are exactly what I would have chosen if my budget hadn't been an issue! Not only did God provide, but He also gave me my heart's desire!

3. My car started every time I needed it to today!

4. The first round of boxes has been unloaded at the house, and I even squeezed in a quick grocery run (since Jeff is staying there this week instead of driving all the way back to Marion County).

5. So grateful that the owners of our new rent house went to great lengths to clean it and take care of things before we moved in. It is going to take so much pressure off of me.

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