Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 3 - 06.09.11

1. I am glad that my car decided not to start in the cool of the day instead of the middle of the afternoon. It would have been miserable to sit in the stuffy car for ten minutes while the system rebooted had it been any earlier in the day. Now I have a moment of peace to reflect (and not sweat too much!) and yes, I am writing this post while I wait!

2. I am thankful for a great time of Bible study with sweet, godly women.

3. Books! What a great treasure we have in words and stories!

4. So glad for the Internet that lets me stay connected with people I would otherwise had lost touch with long ago.

5. Payday is good. :)


Please chime in - I want to know what little things you are grateful for. What makes your heart sing?