Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 14 - 06.20.11

1. In the process of moving, I found my debit card. It had been missing for some time, but I knew it had to be in my car somewhere... Turns out it had been in my car - in a grocery bag that I carried around for a while before moving to my closet. I'm just really glad I had enough sense to look through the stuff in the bag before I threw it away!

2. As ridiculous as it sounds, there is something oddly comforting about having a stove and dishwasher nearly identical to my previous set. It means I don't have to figure out how to best load a new one. (Yes. It's the little things that make me happy! lol)

3. We're having a fine time exploring the area. Last night we went to an ice cream place called Bruster's that was quite tasty, and I showed Braeden his new school. I've found a Big Lots that I didn't know was here, plus lots of other favorite restaurants (like Bojangles!) and other stores that are pretty close as well.

4. I am so glad there's not a deadline to UNpack.

5. I found the book we are using for our women's Bible study. Now I have two days to catch up!

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