Saturday, July 2, 2011

Days 23-25 - 06.29.11 - 07.01.11

Here's another lumped post - you'll excuse me, right? After all, my mom had a mastectomy, and I've been putting my nursing skills to use to help take care of her. And since Mom has been the center of attention lately, she is also going to be the star of my gratitude posts.

1. I am extremely thankful that her surgery went well and so far her recovery has been uncomplicated.

2. I am thankful that she & Dad really like her doctors.

3. I am thankful for the day shift nurse who, on learning that I was a nursing student, spent time showing me how to take care of Mom and allowed me to do most of her care before she was discharged.

4. I am thankful that I was able to be there overnight in the hospital with Mom.

5. I am thankful to have the nursing classes that helped me to understand what the nurses said during report, and to have at least some idea of what to look for and what to do when it comes to taking care of Mom's drains and incisions.

6. I am thankful that Mom talked when she drove - by that I mean that she would say things like "right on red after stop," and those little verbal lessons have stuck with me even today.

7. I am thankful for all the hours we spent after dinner, with Mom washing the dishes and me drying them. I always enjoyed our talks during that time working together.

8. I am thankful that Mom loves to collect scrapbook stuff as much as I do, and that she's always been generous and made sure that I got stuff, too.

9. I am so very thankful that Mom passed along her love for reading to me. Right now I'm sitting in her study, which is literally filled to overflowing with books. If she has one, she has a thousand.

10. I am thankful for our daily conversations on the phone. We started that when I went to college, and I still talk to her almost every single day - often more than once!

11. I am thankful that she and Dad were compassionate enough to go through all the hassle of adopting my niece and nephew, to make sure they'd be cared for. It meant a significant sacrifice on their part, but I'm so glad they cared that much.

12. I am thankful that she always tries to have things I like to eat and drink when I come for a visit. Of course, I will probably forever tease her for the diet drinks down in the basement with an expiration date of 2007, but she tried, right? lol

13. I am thankful for all the time Mom spent when we were younger preparing for Sunday school classes. She made more visual aids than I can count, and was always such a help when I was the one teaching and needed an idea or two.

14. I am thankful for our shopping trips. Neither of us particularly enjoy shopping, unless the two of us can get together and hit the scrapbook stores and bookstores. It's even better in the wee hours of Black Friday, when we're both bleary-eyed and just barely alert enough to find whatever the must-have deal is.

15. I am thankful that Mom is also my friend. I love that I can always call her, whether I have a funny story to tell, need to let off some steam, or just cry a little. I'm also thankful that she does the same with me.

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