Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 29 - 07.05.11

1. I'm still really tired. I haven't quite recovered yet from the long study sessions and late nights of nighttime nursing classes. Thankfully, God is allowing me time to rest, and I was able to get a nap yesterday afternoon. It felt good.

2. Jeff & I went to eat with Mike and Jaime (the pastor and his wife). On Facebook, I saw that other members of our little church were also getting together to hang out. It really excites me to see the congregation just being together that way. I love the closeness of the relationships and I can't wait to see how they develop as time goes by.

3. I will admit that I don't see it, but I am really thankful that my husband thinks I'm beautiful and tells me on a regular basis.

4. Still no land line. Thankful I have a cell phone!

5. Thankful that Mom's first post-op appointment with the plastic surgeon went well. He took out one of her drains and said that everything is looking really good.

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