Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 37 - 07.19.11

So I might have gotten a little behind. Oops....

1. I am thankful that I've gone two weeks without having to refill the gas tank on my car. That is wonderful!

2. I finally had a chance to indulge my artistic side yesterday, and it felt so good to create something. I'm not the best at anything I do, but I manage to do fairly well, anyway, and I'm grateful that God gave us talents and abilities that could serve as an outlet for our tensions.

3. I got to see my bestest college buddy, Aimee (and her family) yesterday when they dropped in for their yearly trek from Illinois to Florida. I always enjoy our visits, even though they are brief.

4. God just keeps blessing HBC - providing needs in unexpected, yet often spectacular ways. Case in point: if we get the final approval to meet at David Brainerd Elementary, it will cost us 1/4th of what we were prepared to pay for East Hamilton High. How cool is that?

5. Money is excruciatingly tight right now, but I've been given the opportunity to work some extra hours this week and next. That little bit of cash will help a lot.

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