Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 36 - 07.12.11

1. I dragged Braeden with me to go shopping... we did a little dreaming at Hobby Lobby about how we'd like to decorate our own house someday. It was actually quite fun. Then we went to Office Depot to look at office furniture, and B had a blast "test driving" all the office chairs. I am thankful for his youthful exuberance, and the gentle reminder not to take life too seriously.

2. Air conditioning is wonderful, especially when it is so unbearably hot and sticky outside.

3. I finally located Dexter's hot spot medicine, and even thoug he's most cleared up at the moment, I am so glad to have that expensive stuff located to help him out when it comes back.

4. Braeden was watching Home Alone last night, and the sound of his giggles coming up from the basement made me smile. I love so much to hear his belly laughs.

5. Although I've still been busy, this week has felt more restful than any I've had in some time. For the first time all summer, it actually feels like summer break. Nice. :)

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