Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 35 - 07.11.11

1. One of our cats went missing shortly after we moved. I called the vet office at the corner, thinking someone might have taken him there. Yesterday I received a call from a woman who thought she might have Spazz, and although it turned out not to be him, I was grateful that the veterinarian's office had passed along my info about the cat. Maybe, just maybe, he'll still turn up someday.

2. My living room now looks like a living room. Except for the five large bins of scrapbooks awaiting a cabinet of some sort, it actually looks pretty good. I'm looking forward to hanging pictures and adding a more personal touch.

3. Jeff took some overtime last night. I'm so grateful to him for working so hard for us.

4. One of my goodest friends is going to come up Sunday and we are going to see the new HP movie and then she's going to church at HBC with me - I'm sooo excited!

5. Jeff brought up a piece of my old, humongous, L-shaped desk that has a burn mark on it from where a candle sat too long - that I love anyway. There isn't room for the whole thing, but we were able to fit one "leg" of it into the corner. Add the nightstand from my bedroom suite that didn't quite fit into the room, and I have a reasonable place to work until we can afford a nice-looking desk. It's definitely a step up from using the old school desk from the 70s that I picked up at a thrift store for Braeden. I spend so much time at the computer that I really need a comfortable place to work.

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