Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 30 - 07.06.11

Wow... I've made it 30 days. I'm honestly a bit surprised at myself. And I have to admit, yesterday was an epic disaster. If it could have gone wrong, it did, and although the point of the daily gratitudes is to make thankfulness a habit, I struggled all day long with what my five gratitudes would be. It was just that bad. But here goes anyway!

1. Yesterday is over.

2. I took Braeden back to Kimball last night, and in the process got to see some friends that come in a few weeks out of the year from Florida. I nearly missed seeing them, but was grateful for the chance to visit a bit.

3. We got an unexpected refund on our water deposit. It wasn't a huge check, but it was still one bright spot in the day.

4. I saw one of my classmates @ Walmart yesterday. It was an unexpected surprise - she was the first person from school I've seen all summer.

5. I am thankful for family. Being able to gripe and moan a bit about my day to my Mom helped a little. I can always count on her willingness to listen.

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