Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 41 - 07.29.11

Where has the summer gone????

1. Braeden went "up da mountain" with Grannie & Peepop last night. I'm glad he has this last chance to spend time with them before school starts again.

2. I had a chance to putter around yesterday... I dragged B to Goodwill and found all kinds of things I could "fix." It was fun to imagine possibilities.

3. I am so glad I've only got one more semester left. For some reason, I'm really not looking forward to going back this time, so I am thankful I've only got a few months of this in front of me. Soon, it will be over!

4. Blue cheese. I love that stinky stuff!

5. My sweet cat, Fritz, was determined to sleep on my head last night. I swear he purred for an hour straight. I love that skinny little furball - he's got to be the sweetest cat I've ever seen. :)

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