Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 43 - 08.04.11

1. After the gas station put a $125 hold on my debit card... we were fortunate not to have a major financial crisis. I wish I could say that we didn't live payday-to-payday, but that's just not true. We're still trying to catch up from our moving expenses. That $125 hold is still here - oh, and so is the $25 charge for the gas I actually bought - but my check hit the bank in time to avoid a major crisis. God provided.

2. Finally got the dates for our internship at the hospital this semester, and it won't coincide with year-end inventory. This is a really good thing.

3. We're having guests over tomorrow night for the first time since we moved. I can't wait! So thankful that we have room for them, a place for them to sit - and of course, I'm thankful that we have friends to invite in the first place!

4. I'm not sure I know why, but even without the ability to hang my pictures, somehow this house feels more like me than our last place did. Maybe it's the color on the walls, or maybe it's the little projects I've made to spruce it up, but it just feels more personal. Even though we're not staying here more than a couple of years, I'm thankful that it can be pleasant and homey.

5. I am thankful for my dog. He is my constant companion. He may be a chicken, but he loves his Momma! I'm so glad that God gave animals the personality to be our friends.

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